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Performing and attending recitals not only develops our ability to perform and speak in public, but also gives us the opportunity to develop the skill of listening to a performer for set periods of time. Regular recitals afford us a perfect environment for children to develop this skill in a natural and effortless way. The students perform in the order of their ages; so they do not feel they are in competition with one another to perform.

Through these experiences they will become good, polite listeners and eventually appreciators of fine musical performances.



  • Plan to arrive on time. Latecomers disturb the atmosphere of the performance.
  • Don’t bring books or toys as they teach us not to listen.
  • Help teach your child that once the performer begins with a bow (and until his final bow), we are quiet and do not move around. If you must exit, do so between performances. Only one child is permitted in the restroom at a time. Young children under age 7 must be accompanied by an adult. Avoid unnecessary exits.
  • Parents with small children should sit near exits so that if they begin to disturb the recital, they can be temporarily taken out.
  • Plan to attend as many recitals as possible so that your child will receive the benefit of this important experience.
  • Notify me as soon as possible if you know you cannot attend; so our programs can be balanced in number and level.
  • Pieces performed must be error free 4 weeks prior to the recital, and repeated correctly daily to have the best performance possible.
  • Dress in recital attire unless otherwise directed by your teacher. Children will play better when they are dressed up.

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