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The Suzuki Piano Program - Students learn individually... with the teacher and student on separate pianos to to encourage a natural joy of watching, listening, and imitating. For beginning students, music reading is introduced after the student can play by ear... just as reading begins after speech is developed. Learned in the order of EAR-THEN-EYE, reading and performing music flows like a natural language. When beneficial, groups may consist of three students to enhance listening and interactive skills.

Self-Esteem is built with each small, fluent step. Success is assured, thus developing confidence and enthusiasm to proceed to the next small step. Fear of performing is abolished through the teaching of sharing each one’s results.

Intuitive learning and the joy of interaction are nurished via duets with the teacher and other students.

A Balanced Keyboard Technique promotes the health of the back, hand, and fingers while producing a beautiful tone quality right from the start.

All teaching steps are taught with love and joy. Ribbons are awarded when the student can play all of the pieces in the "Suzuki Piano School Volume I" with the right hand, and another is awarded when they can play it hands together. Concluding the performance of 'Volume I' in recital, a certificate of achievement is awarded. Incredible videos of 3-, 4-, 5-year olds and beyond studying the Suzuki Method are available in the studio.

The Adult Piano Program - Adult classes are structured in 20, 40 or 60 minute private or group classes. They are tailored for easy and natural progress at any age or level. Emphasis in ear training, score reading, music theory, keyboard harmony, or/and improvisation is available.

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