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Carol Wunderle Dry

“I’ve never seen Carol react negatively to a student’s performance”

“She exhibits in all her interactions with students an understanding of their development.”

“She is a sensitive artist-performer-teacher, enthusiastic, and dedicated to helping all people discover their inner abilities and rise to their own potential...”

These are a few of the ways past parents, students, and teachers have described Carol since she began teaching the Suzuki Piano Method in 1983.

Professor Carol Wunderle Dry,
B.M., M.A.


Professor Carol has performed piano and organ concerts extensively in the U.S. and organ concerts in Costa Rica. Beginning her music study at age 7, she has taught piano, organ, and music theory for 22 years in three universities in Ohio overlapping 30 years private teaching and church music ministry. She had developed and directed her Suzuki Music School for 8 years in Ohio prior to bringing the Suzuki Piano Method to Costa Rica.

Dr. Suzuki, his sister-in-law, and Dr. Haruko Kataoka Sensei developed the Piano Method in 1956. Tonal research of piano basics is an ongoing process, which is continually being developed at the Suzuki Piano Talent Education Research Institute in Matsumoto, Japan.

Professor Carol began her Suzuki Piano training with Dr. Haruko Kataoka in 1983, and Suzuki Piano Basics from its inception, and continues to study the teaching techniques that, by incorporating the natural learning process we use to learn speech, develop the maximum performance potential in students of all ages, beginning at 2 or 3, all over the world.

The recipient of many honors, Carol’s biography is included in the “World Who’s Who of Musicians”, and she has earned a Bachelor of Music Degree from Mount Union College and a Master of Arts in performance organ and piano from Kent State University. Some of her professors include Arthur Lindstrom, from the Julliard School of Music, Dr. John Ferguson, renowned organist and church musician, and Fred Coulter among many others. She is an active member of the Suzuki Piano Basics Foundation, and The Suzuki Association of the Americas.

Professor Carol was the maestra, developer, and director of the Suzuki Piano Talent Education Program of Costa Rica, which she began in 1990 and continued until 2008. She is presently establishing a piano studio for children and adults in Ormond Beach, FL. Carol is the content editor of the Suzuki Piano Basic Foundation Website, transcribing Haruko Kataoka's lectures and lesson points in her online videos, and web-editing the Suzuki Piano Basic Foundation Newsletters.

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